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River Permits are available by application to White Pearl Associate, Inc. for any river within the borders of China. (We also negotiate Mountaineer Permits.) Nu River Permits are available for any stretch from within Tibet to the Chinese-Burma border, but only the stretches run by White Pearl Associates, Inc. "special permit" in 1996 are comparatively inexpensive. The negotiation process is approximately six months - one year. If you want a "First Descent", such as on river stretches unrun by foreigners, be prepared to pay in excess of $20,000 for the permit alone. ALL foreign outdoor sports expeditions are considered commercial enterprises without exception. White Pearl Associates' NuJiang Expedition of 1996 received a permit based on a large investment into China in excess of $20,000. Remember: If China can not make money from YOUR running of her rivers, she WILL NOT have the money to preserve them.

River and mountaineer permits are expensive. But we follow ALL laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and guarantee that any river permit you receive through our negotiation, is legitimate, legal, and authorized by all the appropriate government departments, including the Army and Public Security (police). However, to protect ourselves and our Chinese partners, we also require that you sign a Liability Waiver that includes the promise to obey all Chinese or other pertinent laws while traveling under the permit. This includes all pertinent US Federal laws, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and applicable International Conventions.

We will assist you in the arrangement of the shipment of your equipment and flight arrangements into China, but these costs are your own. Some Custom fees are required on ALL RAFTING equipment imported into China to be used in your trip, especially movie equipment and all equipment imported in must be shipped out of China, even that coming in as flight luggage. Our Chinese partners are the official government departments in charge of your specific activity and will be hosts of your trip. Our travel tourist fee for 10 -14 days on the Nu River starts at $5,000 and includes all transportation of people and equipment to and from the river, room and board while on the river during the trip. If you are an advanced kayaker, because you can ship your boat as personal luggage you can easily do a river trip for $8,000 plus some personal travel within China. There is NO group limitation except: kayakers must travel as two, and rafters by 2 rafts. However, boaters are encouraged to apply as a group.

Please contact White Pearl for specific details. You will receive courteous and attentive service and all inquiries are answered.



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