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Maps of the NuJiang Region


Yunnan Province, a strategically located province of southwestern China, is a land of diversity, with 24 of 55 nationalities besides the Han. These original inhabitants, still have their own distinctive language, customs, and festivals, and share a long mostly peaceful history amongst themselves, but numerous foreign invasions. The peoples who live in Nu Jiang are some of the most isolated of the original inhabitants, hemmed in by continuous mountains that form the Burmese-Chinese border. For more about the people of the region, see the Peoples page.

This page is a gateway to maps related to the region, its peoples, and the dam project that threatens them.

Project Environmental and Minority Impact Maps
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Relief Map of Region

NuJiang Dam Project

(Take a close look at the USGS
earthquake map next to it.)
Minority Impact Maps

Local Maps (thanks to Meredith Potter)

Gong Shan


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